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Health & Safety

Are your employees really working safely? Are you aware of the cost of an accident?

Some businesses are completely wiped out by a major incident where a fatality has occurred. None of us want to be the one to tell our employee’s family that they’ve had a serious accident, followed by months, or possibly years, of anguish as we wait for a court hearing.

Even a minor injury such as a sprained ankle, can stop work for several people and have long-term implications. According to the HSE, the estimated cost of an accident causing an employee to be off work for seven days is £28,500.

Can you afford to ignore unsafe behaviour in your workplace? Or are you just unaware that your staff may be taking unnecessary risks when you’re not there to supervise them? Does your current health and safety system protect your business and its people? Having arrangements in place to manage health and safety is proven to meet legal obligations and reduce risks!

At Safety Matters HSE we understand that people are the most important part of your business. A positive health and safety culture throughout your workplace will help to ensure that your employees get home safely at the end of the day.

Need a consultant who understands your work?

Our consultants have worked with clients in many sectors – from construction, demolition and manufacturing, to offices, retail and leisure. Their personal approach allows them to understand exactly what support is needed for your business. We can also provide you with an Ad-hoc health and safety support for your team.  Whether it’s a short-term project, help whilst recruiting for an in-house position we can help and advise.

Looking for retained health and safety support?

Some health and safety companies provide you with relevant documentation but how well do they actually understand what your business does and the risks you face on a day to day basis?

Our Safety Matters HSE service offers hands-on consultants who will visit your company  and advise you on steps you need to take to protect yourselves and your employees.  We look at your business to gather information for your bespoke documentation, and on a further visit we want to spend time with your staff.

For fully retained, competent health and safety support to help protect your business, we provide on-site assistance, a progressive approach to your health and safety culture, and guidance in the management of your workplace health and safety risks. Health and Safety policies, audits of premises and working practices, telephone support and risk assessments are all inclusive in our Business Safe Service. Fire Risk Assessments can also be included.